06The type and length of therapeutic intervention is varied and tailored to the specific problem. The initial visit generally consists of gathering information about the issue that brought you to seek treatment and details regarding your child or youth’s familial and developmental history. Some consultations are as short as one or two 50-minute sessions to help deal with a specific incident or behavior. More typically it takes longer to get to know you and your child and between 8 and 15 weekly sessions are needed to meet your therapeutic goal.

Occasionally, some people will require more sessions to adequately address issues that are especially complex. There are also instances when it may be helpful for Dr. Illsley to work with her client’s difficulties outside of the office, such as consulting with school staff or practicing newly-acquired skills within the community. Dr. Illsley’s overall goal is to empower her clients in order to be better able to cope with life’s challenges and embrace whatever brings joy into their lives. When working with children, this generally includes working with both the parents and the youth collaboratively.